What is SRM?

The Society of Medical Radiographers - Malta (SRM) is a voluntary non-profit organisation funded principally by members who are registered as radiographers in Malta. The SRM is based on a professional structure that is governed by an Executive Committee which is elected by members.

The main aim of the SRM is to promote and advance the radiography, medical imaging and radiotherapy profession in Malta through continuous education, specialisation and networking.

What does SRM do for radiographers in Malta?

The Society of Medical Radiographers is recognised as the principal organisation representing local radiographers on both a national and international level, and which is always working to promote, safeguard and advance the radiography profession in Malta.

We can help drive policies, provide input and encourage developments in radiography practice through its good relations with the Department of Health, the University of Malta, the UHM, other local and European professional associations and societies

SRM is a member of the Malta Federation of Professional Associations (MFPA) and the European Federation of Radiographer Societies (EFRS), and ensures that:

  • SRM is continuously updated and consulted about National and/or European issues, matters and/or regulations that may directly or indirectly affect the radiography profession.
  • SRM can voice concerns and suggest recommendations on behalf of local radiographers, with the full support of other professional associations and societies.
  • SRM would be able to provide opportunities to its members to join in discussions, consultations, workshops and even European projects relating to a particular area of radiography or medical imaging.

Maintains a strong interest in radiographer training and continuous professional development, by organising several talks throughout the year together and a biennial academic meeting. The SRM is currently working on officially being registered under the Voluntary Organisation Act, which should provide the opportunity to the SRM to make use of National and EU funds for the training and development of local radiographers.

Organizes social activities for radiographers so as to have a fun time together. At times, the SRM also organises charitable events to get radiographers together for a good cause.

What are the benefits of becoming a member of SRM?

Since the whole structure of the SRM is funded through membership fees, it is imperative for the Society to have at least 40 members per year in order to cover the minimum annual costs of approximately 1000 Euro relating to:

  • MFPA and EFRS membership fees
  • SRM website costs
  • Data Protection Act License
  • Costs relating to the occasional EFRS meeting to which a member of the SRM Executive Committee needs to attend abroad (approx. once every 1-2 years)
  • Stationary Costs (Membership cards, printer ink, letters & stamps, posters, certificates, etc)
  • Other meeting/event costs (e.g. coffee breaks, room charges, raffle gifts, etc).

We therefore value your membership contribution every year, and it is for this reason that paid-up SRM members enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access to professional support and advice, whatever the circumstance. This can also be extended to academic and research support to those radiographers who are furthering their studies.
  • Access to a bi-monthly newsletter with information about what the SRM is working on, as well as news about latest events, activities, conferences, education and training opportunities that may be available.
  • Access to monthly talks at a discount (if not for free) receiving a certificate of attendance for such events, which can contribute to radiographers' CPD portfolios.
  • Access to the biennial Academic Meeting at a discount receiving a certificate of attendance for such an event, which can contribute to radiographers' CPD portfolios.
  • Eligibility for discounted prices for fee-paying social events and/or dinners, which are organised by the SRM.
  • Possibility to submit the SRM Membership receipt for CPD point accreditation as a membership fee to a professional organisation, allowing member radiographers to potentially get their money back!
  • When the opportunity arises, SRM Members will be able to participate in high level discussions, workshops and/or even EU projects!
  • When applicable (hopefully in the near future), have access to EU funded courses delivered locally and/or be able to apply for financial support to attend conferences abroad.

So what are you waiting for? ... Join SRM today!