Frequently Asked Questions

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Who are Radiographers?

Radiographers are healthcare professionals who perform diagnostic imaging examinations or administer radiation therapy treatments. Radiographers prepare for their role on the interdisciplinary team by completing a 4-year university programme leading to a B.Sc (Hons) Radiography or Diploma in Radiography Studies. The curriculum covers anatomy, patient positioning, examination techniques and optimization, equipment protocols and quality assurance, radiation safety, radiation protection and patient care. Upon completion of a course of study in radiography, the Professions Supplementary to Medicine (PBSM) registers radiographers.

Some radiographers continue to specialize in a specific imaging technique, such as nuclear medicine, magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasonography, CT scan and bone densitometry, mammography, radiation protection, healthcare management, interventional radiography and general radiography. The specialization is generally obtained through Masters programme which is done abroad.

The radiographer who specialize in radiation therapy, which is the delivery of high doses of radiation to treat cancer and other diseases, are called Therapy Radiographers and specialize abroad, usually in the UK, by doing a University programme leading to a B.Sc (Hons).

Diagnostic Radiographers

Radiographers work closely primarily with radiologists, the physicians who interpret medical images to either diagnose or rule out disease or injury, and other consultants such orthopedics, cardiologists, dentists, Emergency doctors, and even Forensic. For the images to be interpreted correctly by the above-mentioned healthcare professionals, the imaging examination must be performed properly by radiographers. Therefore when you are scheduled for a medical imaging examination or radiation therapy treatment, make sure the person responsible for your care is a registered radiographer.

Therapy Radiographers

These radiographers work closely with oncologists and medical physicists to administer targeted doses of radiation to the patient in order to treat cancer. Therapy radiographers are highly skilled healthcare professionals educated in physics, radiation safety, patient anatomy and pathological processes and patient care.

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